How do I find my garter size?

To find your garter size, use fabric-measuring tape to measure the circumference of your thigh 3 inches above the knee. Don't measure too tight or too loose as the garter will have elastic to fit snugly and comfortably.

Our garters come in these various sizes: Extra Small: 13.5-16in, Small: 16-20in, Medium: 20-23.5in, Large: 23.5- 27.5in, Extra Large: 27.5-31.5in

If you are still not sure about your size, ask your wedding gown tailor to measure you for a garter.

Don’t see your size? Not to worry, we can customize a garter to fit you perfectly. Email your request to jarretiere@mail.com.

How do I wear a garter?

Garters were originally designed to hold up stockings on each leg. This is why there really is no correct leg to wear a garter. You may choose to wear your garter on either your left or your right leg based on personal preference and which side you prefer facing the guests during the garter removal. Consulting with your photographer and videographer so they can capture the best lighting for this portion of the program is a good idea.  The most important thing is to make sure your partner knows which leg it’s on, for easy retrieval.

What is a toss garter?

The garter toss has become a fun tradition at weddings where the groom removes the brides garter and tosses it to all of the eligible bachelors at the wedding.   At your wedding, you probably don't want to give away your Jarretière garter, so we'll include a second toss garter that you won't mind giving away quite as much.

How do I wear a toss garter?

Many brides choose to wear two garters: one to toss, and one to keep. Both garters should be worn on the same leg with the toss garter placed lower than the keepsake garter.